Available Dates

If you would like a custom trip, just let us know.

Moroccos red rock singletrack heaven at Freeridemorocco

We can arrange extra activities as well.

If you're coming into Morocco earlier or staying on for a few extra days, we can help arrange additional accommodation and transport for you. This also applies to extra activities such as camel trips or desert tours.

Bike storage can also be arranged while you tour around Morocco. This is secure storage in Marrakech, so you would need to collect your bike from there at the end of your trip. Please contact us for more details.

Custom dates

If the dates you want are not listed on the available dates table, please let us know. We only need 6 people to run a trip and can usually get more riders together if your group is smaller than that.


The temperatures for high (H), average (A) and low (L) are based on the temperature in Imlil (for that time of year) which is at an altitude of 1740m. If you want to know the temperature in any given location en-route all you need to do is look at the daily description for the altitude and +/- 1 DegC per 100m difference.

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More than just a holiday.

Let the adventure begin!

Don't forget, this is more than just a 'biking holiday'. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to ride the unspoilt trails of a country in North Africa which is about to undergo enormous modernisation. Do it now, before it's too late!

Early morning singletrack.

Sweet singletrack: It's too easy to forget about the surroundings when you're on such great trails.

Local transport in Morocco

Tourist Transport: No yellow tourist transport badge here. But it's ok for the locals!?

Remote singletrack at Freeridemorocco

More singletrack, but this section is very, very remote - just like most of it!

Vast mountain landscapes at Freeridemorocco

Vast Mountains. The Atlas Mountains are a vast place and everywhere you look you can see trails