Day Two

Bike building and first ride.

Top of Imlil with Freeridemorocco

The first day is a big day.

We start with a large breakfast at around 8.30am. This consists, like each other morning , of orange juice, pancakes, tea, coffee, bread, cheese, porridge and more! Trust us, you'll NOT go hungry! After breaskfast we build bikes and sort our kit for the rest of the week.

What happens with kit?

All our kit stays with us throughout the week. We usually nominate a single bike bag or box to put all our spares in to avoid getting out/rummaging through all the bags/boxes each night or lunchtime. Your overnight bag will be loaded into the van with the rest of the kit but this bag should contain all the things you will need throughout the week. Your Back Pack should contain:

  • Water: Bottled drinking water is available from in the support vehicle
  • Snacks/bars: For emergencies
  • Multi Tool
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Inner tubes: For your wheel size
  • Pump
  • Shock pump
  • Chain Splitter
  • Power link or chain pin connector
  • Emergency cash (500dh)
  • Suncream
  • Lightweight waterproof/windstopper
  • Rear mech hanger
  • Spare brake pads

When everyone is ready and all our kit is loaded we start the first (optional but recommended) climb of the day. The support vehicle goes ahead to prepare lunch at the top of the Tamatert pass (31'08'53.45 N 7'53'18.42 W / 2300m). This is an early lunch as the climb is short but very useful for checking everything with the bikes is and working correctly ready for the singletrack.

After lunch the fun really begins! We follow the singletrack above the Imenane River. The route takes us through a number of narrow villages, all linked by singletrack, as we descend (with a few short climbs) all the way into Iml Oughlad and the Gite for the night (31'11'40.32 N 7'57'13.22 W / 1382m).

Strave route map of day 1 with Freeridemorocco